Impressive Reasons Why You’ll Want to Set Up a Business in Singapore with BoardRoom

Impressive Reasons Why You’ll Want to Set Up a Business in Singapore with BoardRoom

Are you thinking about being your own boss? Do you want to control a business that you can call your own? However, you have to think about where it will be located and registered. If you’re located in Singapore, that will be no problem with the help of BoardRoom. They’re a company setup Singapore that can guide you throughout the whole process. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with setting up a business in Singapore. So if you’re searching for a company registration Singapore, BoardRoom will be your guide and best friend from start to finish.

 Enjoy the Incredible Tax Benefits

One of the many reasons why you’ll want to set up your company in Singapore is due to the low tax rates. Why? Because Singapore has a very stable government. Hence, their tax rates are pretty low. For instance, you’re not required to pay any taxes on your first 100,000 Singaporean dollar profit, which is for newly incorporated businesses. It’s a new company exemption for the first three years. Furthermore, the corporate income tax is very low, and the income tax rate ranges between 0-17% only. Apart from that, the personal income tax rate is lower than in other countries, about 0-20%!

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An Efficient & Effective Environment for Business

What makes Singapore the best place to start a business is that it has a very efficient business environment. Due to the fact that the government aids their citizens in many aspects, such as education, you can get proficient workers that have the skills and knowledge you might be looking for. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get the right manpower because the environment is designed for employers who are thinking about setting up a company or organization. Therefore, it will be easy for your company to accelerate its growth in various aspects.

Financially Stable & Connected to a Wide Range of Marketplace

One of the main reasons why you’ll enjoy growing your business in Singapore is that there are deep capital markets here. For instance, there are over 100 banks in Singapore. So it’s the most prominent corporate banking center in Asia. It will be easy for you to get investors for your business whenever you need it. Apart from that, Singapore currently has a strong international network of agreements. Therefore, it’s incredibly easy for you to commence business in Singapore to anywhere in the world.