Pressure Washing

What to Charge For Pressure Washing Driveways

One of the best gigs that you can get as a pressure washing service provider would be some kind of a driveway washing job. There is a pretty good chance that jobs like this will turn into your bread and butter if you know how to do them right, and a major aspect of optimizing your performance in these jobs as and when you get them involves knowing what to charge. After all, charging too much will make your customers think that all you care about is money, and trying to ask for too little money might result in them viewing you with suspicion.

The truth of the situation is that any pressure washing service worth its salt would want to hit the nail on the head here, so sit back while we tell you what the right charges are. One thing that might impact the charges you would ask for is the size of the driveway in question. This is because of the fact that you would obviously want to charge more if the driveway is larger than average, but it still helps to have an accurate ballpark figure in mind.

Pressure Washing

We feel like most driveway washing jobs require an average of five hundred dollars to be fair. The fact of the matter is that jobs of this nature take more time and require more finesse, especially if you are offering prep services on top of all of your other services. Five hundred dollars will cover the extra one or two people you’d bring along for the task as well. You will need their help because the task is too big to do all on your own.