Drums & Totes Seal Threaded Gasket in San Diego

San Diego Drums & Totes seal threaded gasket  offer effective tamper-evident protection and drum closure. Drum capseals are available in plastic, metal, and plastic with an aluminum ring, and can be used on both metal and plastic drums. Drum caps are available in two sizes: 3/4″ and 2″. While gaskets and seals have similar functions in terms of preventing leaks, they have different applications. Gaskets are used to create a static seal between flat surfaces like joints, whereas seals are used to create a dynamic seal between active components like rotating shafts, pumps, and engines.A gasket is a flexible ring or sheet used in static applications to prevent leakage by sealing joints, flanges, and other mating surfaces. Gaskets can be made using various manufacturing techniques, depending on the material and application.

What is it?

O-rings, valve stem seals, rotary seals, and mechanical seals are all included in the category of seals. Seals, unlike gaskets, are used in more active environments such as motors, engines, pumps, and rotary shafts. Seals are typically flat and round, with a rubber inner ring tilted and surrounded by an outer metal ring. In dynamic applications, the seal’s inner layer’s tilted angle helps to prevent leakage. Seals are commonly used in order to avoid leaks between two moving parts and particles and contaminants from entering the system. Replacing a broken or damaged seal can be a lengthy procedure.The seal and the entire assembly may need to be disassembled to gain access to the seal and replace it.

How are they manufactured?

Drum and totes seal threaded gasket are soft iron, low carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel, and Inconel, among other materials. Ring gaskets or RTJ gaskets are different names for these gaskets. Metallic gaskets are used in high-pressure class flanges (typically above 900 Class), but they can also be used in high-temperature applications. When using metallic gaskets, high tension bolting is required. They are incredibly durable and expensive. The RTJ Gasket is machined into grooves on both mating flanges’ flange faces. With RTJ flanges, two types of metallic gaskets are used: Octagonal and Oval. In their cross-section view, you can see the difference.


A flange joint leak can be catastrophic. The loss of product and energy caused by a flange leak is significant. No one wants a plant to leak toxic or hazardous materials that could harm people or the environment. The gasket can aid in achieving reliable sealing and preventing flange joint leaks. The parameters determine the types of gaskets to use in a particular fluid service.