How to control your hunger

In principle, the way slimming drugs work is to reduce the intake of digested food in the body, and not to eat no food at all.  The best appetite suppressant pills are available in many places but choosing the best one is advisable.

 Appetite suppressor

 These pills directly the central nervous system. It works by suppressing the hunger centre in the brain so that people who eat it do not have an appetite.  If used incorrectly, this type of drug can cause tremors, palpitations, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, and dry mouth.  Severe effects, for people with hypertension, this type of drug class can make blood pressure rise suddenly.  As a result, blood vessels will burst and can end up in a stroke.

Even though you can control your appetite, it doesn’t mean you can not eat at all.  Eating regular meals with sufficient portions, containing balanced nutrition, can reduce side effects.  But, you need to be careful.  Because it functions to suppress nerves, this type is generally addictive and can cause addiction.  So, if the doctor recommends that you only consume within a certain time limit, you should not violate it.

 Accelerate satiety

 The way it works also affects the brain, namely increasing the production of the hormone serotonin so that the stomach feels full quickly.  The use of these pills must be informed by a doctor, because the side effects are quite dangerous, which will increase blood pressure, anxiety, constipation, and headaches.  The content of drug compounds in this group is sibutramine hydrochloride.

Even if you only eat small portions, your stomach will feel full faster.  But, you should eat nutrient-rich foods.  The stomach does feel full, but the nutrition is lacking.  In addition, calorie intake will also increase.  So, choose nutritious foods, such as fibre-rich vegetables and fruits, which can also treat constipation.

It is always advisable to take natural appetite suppressants than pills but naturally suppresses g hunger is not an easy task and takes a lot of time. But whereas pills give you other nutrients through pills along with helps you with hunger control.