How a Personal Injury Attorney Select their Clients

Just since you have a strong accident claim doesn’t imply an accident injury lawyer would instantly accept it. As crucial as doing your research when choosing an attorney is, that attorney will assess if you’ll be a suitable fit for the firm. Here are key factors most use when choosing a pedestrian injury lawyer:

  1. Having a Positive Mental Attitude

Client satisfaction is a primary goal for a competent personal injury lawyer. Some people, though, are impossible to satisfy no matter what. If a potential customer has nothing good to say about anything at your initial encounter, this might indicate a problem. For instance, the attorney can say something to the effect that the client’s children were unharmed in the accident.

┬áIf the client answers with anything along the lines of “Forget about the kids, what about me?” this might be a solid indication to the lawyer that this individual would never be pleased no matter what the lawyer does and therefore would not make a suitable client.

  1. A Philosophy of Entitlement

If you believe you were hurt in an accident due to no fault of your own, it’s fair to assume you are entitled to compensation. On the other hand, Juries are less likely to award money to accident victims they dislike. A prospective victory might be jeopardized if a claimant blames everyone else for their troubles and acts “put upon” by appearing in court.

  1. Accepting Responsibility for Your Deeds

The customer who refuses to be honest about their activities is similar to the “entitlement” mindset outlined above. As a personal injury lawyer may explain, legal responsibility for an accident is determined by some criteria. If the accident victim contributed in any way to their injuries, the amount of compensation available to them might be limited. Consider the case of a woman who was texting and jaywalking when she was struck by a car. It may place part of the legal liability for the accident firmly on the shoulders of the wounded individual in the eyes of the court or a claims adjuster.

  1. Lawyers are also people.

Another red sign when questioning potential clients is a client who repeatedly doubts the attorney’s trustworthiness. Most lawyers aren’t put up with this kind of behavior for very long. While no accident pedestrian injury lawyer can promise a certain outcome when they accept a case, the first step is to identify an experienced lawyer with a track record.