Sleepwear - Benefits of wearing Silk

Sleepwear – Benefits of wearing Silk

Silk is the only endless fiber that occurs in nature, it is of high quality and looks elegant. There are many benefits of natural silk as silk sleepwear for the body.

Comfort: Due to its protein structure, silk is very well tolerated by the skin. When worn, it creates a smooth, supple feeling on the skin and thus contributes significantly to skincare.

Moisture Wicking: Silk is breathable. The dense fibres of the silk ensure rapid absorption of liquid from the air. It keeps the skin moist and protects against dry skin. Silk also impresses with its “capillary effect” and can transport sweat away from the skin.

Due to the fibre structure of the silk, it forms a “protective cover” around the body. It keeps the hot air away from the body in summer and has a pleasantly cool effect. In winter, the air warmed up by the body stays under the garment and feels pleasantly warm.

Against dust and noise: A lot of air is stored between the silk threads and enables the silk fabric to have excellent dust and noise protection functions. Silk fabric is not only suitable for garments, but also interior textiles such as carpets, curtains or wallpaper. Since the breathable silk has a moisture-regulating function, it contributes accordingly to the moisture balance in the interior.

High-temperature resistance: The silk has relatively high-temperature resistance, it is flame-retardant and more heat resistant than most synthetic fabrics. In addition to their dust and noise protection function, silk textiles have a fire-retardant function.

Protection against UV rays: The amino acids in the silk can absorb UV rays. It protects human skin from harmful radiation. However, due to the absorption of UV rays, the silk slowly loses its shine.

Silk as the “king of fibres” regulates the skin’s natural moisture balance and forms thin, superimposed layers. A silky shine is created. The film formation of the soluble silk protects the skin and hair. The fibroin applied when wet contracts when it dries, making the skin feel supple. As a side effect of this process, small skin folds disappear.

Silk is not only a high-quality fabric full of beauty and exquisite flair but also hypoallergenic due to its natural protein structure. Silk can therefore offer significant health benefits, especially for people with a pronounced tendency to allergies. But even people who have not previously had any special allergies can use silk products to ensure that an allergy does not develop in the first place.